Fire Exinguisher Sales Swindon

As far as fire extinguisher sales is concerned, we operate a fully equipped mobile sales and service units with all the equipment and manufactures parts necessary to perform maintenance will visit your site and complete the maintenance and issue a certificate of all work completed.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Class A – ordinary combustibles (wood, cloth, paper, plastic, etc.)
Class B – flammable liquids (oil, gasoline, etc.)
Class C – flammable gasses
Class D – flammable metals (sodium, titanium, magnesium, etc.)
Class F – flammable oils (e.g. cooking oils)

All types of extinguishers

5 Year Guarantee = Peace of Mind

Abbey Fire Protection supply fire extinguishers manufactured to BS EN3 kite marked and carrying BAFE approval.

At Abbey Fire Protection we believe in quality and value with all the fire extinguishers we sell having a 5-year guarantee.

Because of our commitment to value ourĀ  pricing policy is highly competitive, thus providing you with unbeatable prices on our full range of fire extinguishers.

Our ultimate aim is to protect your homes, businesses, staff and the general public from the risk of fire by maintaining your fire extinguishers with a comprehensive and hassle free service

For Fire Extinguisher Sales Contact Us

For fire extinguisher sales in Swindon and the surrounding areas please contact us and we will be delighted to advise you on how to protect your home and business.